Guarantor Agreement Form Slb

To continue to satisfy the guarantors, the opening hours of the SLB for this period will be from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Guarantors who use the online installation should only go to the SLB on the basis of need for confirmation and clarification, and they are informed. This form must be completed by the guarantors who had initially agreed to sign for the duration of the borrower`s program of study. The purpose of the form is to continuously collect current demographic information on guarantors who do not need a job interview each academic year. 5 5. SLB S OBLIGATIONS The SLB must: – a) submit a repayment plan at the beginning of the repayment period. b) three months prior to the announcement of any imminent changes to the interest rate on the loan. 6. BORROWERS AUTHORISATIONS 6.1 In the event of default and default by the borrower and/or guarantors, borrowers expressly authorizes the SLB to place the account on the current status of the invoice one month after written notification of this infringement, in order to make an order to deduct the borrower`s wages, income and other benefits directly from current or future employers. The amount relied upon in these circumstances is the result of overall arrears that include late principal claims, interest arrears under the contract and any commission or charge on the late account at the time of execution, in monthly increments. 6.2 In the event of a late payment or default, the Borrower expressly authorizes its employer to enter into agreements with the employer on the deduction of the Borrower`s wages, income and other benefits at source and transfer them directly to the SLB.

The borrower expressly undertakes to compensate both the employer and the BSL for any impact, loss, damage or other debts arising from these deductions. 6.3 THE BORROWER expressly authorizes the TERTIARY INSTITUTION to which a study loan has been paid for a study conducted by the BORROWER to grant a privilege and/or the granting of all diplomas, diplomas, certificates, recommendations, references or other qualifications, as well as rights and privileges associated with the BORROWER, until a proposal for reimbursement is met and accepted. 6.4 THE BORROWER expressly authorizes SLB to provide the guarantors with the credit status, payment model, contact information and other credit account information on an ongoing basis. 6.5 THE BORROWER expressly authorizes that in the event of a delay in the borrower`s account, a monthly fee is charged until the account is up to date. 6.6 THE BORROWER expressly authorizes the SLB in the event of a failure: publish the name, the image, address, address, program, loan details and failure in printing 6.7 That, in the event of a breach of its loan agreement with the SLB, SLB has the right to access its updated contact information of the aforementioned educational institutions, any professional body to which the borrower is affiliated and/or related to it, a public agency or a previous, current or future institution; 6.8 In the event of a default, the BORROWER expressly authorizes the SLB to take all necessary measures to fully recover the loan, including, but not limited to: legal proceedings, the use of collection offices, the publication of media details contained in this agreement, the costs of this measure which are entirely borne by the borrower.