Partnership Agreement Announcement

Vodafone and Sunrise today announced a new partnership agreement in Switzerland, which began on 1 January 2020. Vodafone`s Markets partner team is committed to forming strategic alliances with operators around the world and offering a range of global products and services that extend Vodafone`s reach to local markets. Vodafone Partner Market agreements range from roaming and service resale to the full partnership brand. Founded in 2002, Vodafone Partner Markets now works with 28 companies in 41 countries. Partnership established to seek new business opportunities in the global market Corero Network Security plc (AIM: CNS), the publicly traded network security company AIM, is pleased to announce that it has signed a resale partnership with a global cloud leader DDoS (“the U.S. partner”). This strategic partnership will enable Sunrise Enterprise customers to benefit from a number of Vodafone Business services, including mobile connectivity, roaming and centralized shopping. Over time, companies plan to expand their relationships to provide fixed and convergent services to businesses across Europe and beyond and to use their combined scale and management in 5G to ensure that their customers can benefit from the most modern gigabit networks. “We are pleased to welcome Cloud Integrate to our brand new partnership program,” said Max van Eeghen, Sales Manager of BeNeLux- META, Dell Boomi. “The need to integrate existing environments with a platform like Salesforce is growing. Salesforce`s know-how and Cloud Integrate integration capabilities make our partnership a distinct benefit to businesses and their customers. Global companies are constantly striving to improve their financial planning and reporting mechanisms and need responsive, flexible and often personalized solutions.

It is no secret that the rapid pace of change is reverberating in different ways across different sectors. With this new partnership, stakeholders will have more opportunities to address their specific situation by using Infor`s advanced technology and CheckPoint`s comprehensive EPM know-how. Sigmatex is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Hengrui Corporation (HRC).