Residential Service Agreement Suddenlink

i. The new customer service provider sends a completed transmission request to Suddenlink; 30. Full agreement. This contract, including the applicable additional terms of use, the privacy policy and terms of use (“AUP”), the service and service contract (“service contract”) submitted to you at the time of installation, and the pricing plan constitute the full agreement between Suddenlink and the Customer with respect to the Services. No obligation, insurance or guarantee on the part of a Suddenlink representative or representative regarding the sale, installation, maintenance or removal of Suddenlink`s services or devices is not required for Suddenlink, unless it is expressly included. Has. Use of housing. The services provided under this contract are exclusively for the personal use of the customer and the customer cannot use the services for commercial purposes. Suddenlink has the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes a “commercial” purpose. At first glance, Suddenlink`s Internet plans probably don`t stand out from the crowd.

Unless you live in city services, which means you probably can`t shout a lot of ISPs for your attention anyway. most people can`t get anything in their area because suddenlink doesn`t want to update. I pay 140.00 a month for 20/5 and most of the time I get 10/2. Channels suck and no phone service. Internet and cable shuts down every night, and when I call to get someone, they don`t know what the problem is. Be grateful to have the service you have with little pay. As far as I`m concerned, all of a sudden, you log in and screw yourself. 16. Suddenlink termination effect: the customer agrees that in the event of termination by Suddenlink: (i) Suddenlink and the co-brand service providers offered in the context or via high-speed Internet service, will not be held liable to the customer or user; and (ii) Suddenlink may refuse or block a new distribution request or block access or use of part of the Services by the Customer or a previous user, unless expressly prohibited by law.