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What Is the Best Mobile Phone for Seniors?

Today, one cannot do without a mobile phone. Individuals today communicate via cell phone instead of using the landline. The use of mobile phones and their services have become so widespread that the mobile phone industry has fast become a billion dollar industry. Devices and programs have been created by carriers and manufacturers that are fitted for all ages including senior citizens.

Soon enough the first cell phone for the elderly was released, and this made mobile phone service provider see the potential senior citizen niche in it. So, in order to take advantage of the senior citizen market, mobile phone companies launched programs and cell phones designed for the elderly.

When the cell phones for the elderly came it, they soon found that it had also hit another market, the market for disabled persons. Since both groups have weak limbs and diminished senses, then it is just clear to see that cell phones made for seniors can also benefit the disabled. Here are some things that could help find the best mobile phone for seniors and the disabled.

What should we look for in a mobile phone for seniors? The elderly require simple mobile phones because of their condition. If you give them a mobile phone with simple features then they will be able to use it easily. A complicated hand set will have many instructions which might be too difficult for them to handle.

Another characteristic of an ideal cellphone for seniors is that the handset have large keys. Most seniors dial by feel because they have frail fingers and weak eye sights. Make sure that they can easily press the keys with their weak fingers. it would be important to have a wide space between keys so that they can easily choose the correct keys.

The ideal cell phone for seniors must have a large screen. With this, the elderly and disabled will be able to clearly see any information on the device easily. It is not ideal to give seniors fashionable and stylish phone with small keys. A mobile phone with a large font will enable seniors to see the letters and numbers on the screen.

It is up to the elderly to choose the right size of mobile phone for himself. The elderly will have a difficult time holding a small phone. It can easily drop off their hands. And large phone would be too heavy to carry. The size and weight on the mobile phone would depend on what is comfortable for the elderly.

The senior cellphone should also be durable. It should be something that can withstand being dropped several times. An ideal cell phone for seniors is that which can be dropped many times but still function well.

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