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Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor

Selling your home to an investor can be a good decision if you need your house sold as soon as possible (usually 30 days or under), you want to avoid doing repairs or maintenance, and you’re fine selling for less in exchange for ease and speed.

How It Goes

First, you need to contact an investor. In most cities, there are real estate investors who purchase houses for cash. An investor will size up your house, assess its value, and offer you an amount that suits their buying criteria. Then you will study the offer before deciding whether or not it works for you. If it’s a go for both sides, the investor will use a title company for all necessary documentation and close on the sale. You’ll be paid in cash quite fast!You’ll get your cash payment rather quickly!You’ll receive your cash pretty fast!

Speed of Sale

Most real estate investors can make you an offer and close the sale within as short as a week and pay you in cash once you accept.

Why Sell to a Property Investor?

Selling to an investor means you will be able to sell fast and get your cash payment in as short as 7 to 30 days. There are no fees or commissions to pay, and usually, all closing costs will be on the investor. Your property will also be purchased”as-is,” meaning there’s no need to repair or clean up anything, or even take out your belongings from the house.

Is This Good for You?Is This Suitable for You?Is This Wise for You?

If you are good with selling at a cheaper price (there are almost or totally zero costs for you anyway), you need to sell very fast (within days or weeks as opposed to months), or you just want none of the hassles of repairs or cleanups, then this is will likely work for you.


As mentioned previously, real estate investors will make a lower offer for your home. However, this is only reasonable because they will spend for all the costs of the sale – which you would otherwise pay for in a traditional transaction – even including repairs and renovation. Given that, remember that there’s a good amount of dishonest investors out there who might attempt to take advantage. Thus, you should do a bit of homework prior to taking an offer.

Check out recently sold homes in your area and find out how much they were sold for. Be sure to keep these figures in mind when the investor makes a visit. This can give you an extra edge during negotiations!This will give you a little more negotiating control!This should give you a little more negotiating advantage! Be on guard against scammers who may try to get you to sell your property for lower than you have to. No industry is invulnerable.

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