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Do I Need a Wine Decanter?

People who are not aware of what a wine decanter is are missing the great taste of their wines. So, we are going to discuss what this is, why you need it, and how to choose one.

So now, let us find out what a decanter is and what it is used for. A decanter is a vessel where you transfer your wine in. When you pour your wine into the decanter, it gets agitated and it gets mixed with oxygen. When this procedure is done, the wine is greatly developed and at a very high speed comes to life. Before serving new or young wine, you need to let is sit in the decanter first after pouring it in the decanter. Twenty minutes is enough to decant the young wine before serving. However, if you are serving older wine, then it should be served immediately after decanting and it should not be allowed to sit in the vessel for a long time. Overexposing the wine to oxygen will change its flavor and you will cannot enjoy its real flavor. Perhaps you are not convinced that a decanter is for you. If you use a decanter, you are taking away the sediments in the wine which is mixed in it. The bitter and sharp flavor in wine is caused by these sediments. Decanting wine will enhance its flavor.

So, now that you know what a decanter is and its use, you should now learn about the best type of decanter to use. A clear, crystal decanter will make you see the entire process of pouring the wine in and seeing the wine at its best. If you choose a decanter that is colored or has too many designs or decorations, then the wine is obscured. Your decanter should be clean and spotless. Your decanted should not have any odor or smell coming out from your cupboard. The best cleaning agent for decanters is crushed ice mixed with coarse salt. With this mixture, the residual wine will be removed including its smell.

If you really want to serve wine that tastes great, then decant your wine before serving it. If you want to taste wine with its enhanced flavor, then you should use the best decanter for it. If you allow your wine to breathe then it helps to mellow down the harsh tannins that makes the wine bitter, astringent, and dry.

If you want to really have great tasting wine, then you should get yourself a decanter. There are many wine decanters available in different styles that look very elegant and beautiful. Choose the best decanter according to your preference.

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