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Important Tips That You Need to Know About the Origin of Modern Pharmacies

At times you will never have a thought cross your mind as to where the medical drugs emanated from. In the old times there was an apothecary in place of a pharmacy. At rare occasions you may find a pharmacy which markets itself as an apothecary. The word apothecary would be used to refer to someone who used to distribute drugs in the ancient times. A pharmacy is a modern word for an apothecary in the old times. Herbal medicine is what this apothecary used to major in. Read here if you need more info about the apothecary as well as the modern pharmacies.

Apart from distribution, an apothecary used to act as a manufacturing company for its own drugs. Other than distributing, the apothecaries also manufactured the drugs that they distributed. Some drugs such as tobacco were sold through the apothecaries.

Another major difference between a pharmacy and an apothecary is that an apothecary is more of a pharmaceutical industry. This means that an apothecary has the ability to mix several drugs to suit a doctor needs unlike a pharmacy that only deals with the distribution part of the drugs. Other than the work of distribution, an apothecary would also treat diseases. Drugs such as alcohol require a high level of expertise to be manufactured and an apothecary would manufacture them. With changing times and human needs, apothecaries were replaced with modern day pharmacies.

Unlike a pharmacy, an apothecary also used to treat diseases. Apothecary is the main basis of the modern pharmacy. With increasing patient’s needs the modern pharmacies replaced the apothecaries. Apothecaries had the major role of distributing medicine before the emergence of pharmacies. The apothecary is the main origin of the modern day medical industry.

The apothecaries mainly used herbs to manufacture their drugs. The drugs used to have very fewer side effects as they were made from natural herbs. With improved materials to manufacturing the drugs, there was an increase in the number of drugs that were manufactured. The ancient industry used to provide a way in which the apothecary and the patient were able to meet directly as they used to deliver the drugs to the patients doorstep. That is one thing that is no more with the modern medical industry where instead a patient has to visit a pharmacy. This page provides you with information about the emergence of the modern pharmacies.

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